I am Gaby, a Venezuelan and a certified Sommelier from the School of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy CETT in Barcelona, currently living in Spain. Phew…what a confusing introduction this is.

If you are asking yourself by now: “From Venezuela? Is there any wine in Venezuela?” I will answer with the common phrase: “There is only one winery in Venezuela, but we produce excellent rum and we have the best cacao in the World!” It seems that you must come from a wine producing country if you are a wine professional. I actually find this very funny and sometimes I even ask myself: “Gaby, how did you end up here?”

I grew up in Venezuela with an Italian background, combining both culinary regions. My grandmother would prepare meals with strange ingredients like cow tongue or chicken liver; she would arrange plates for me with 12 or more different tiny dishes to eat – and my little self would enjoy everything she prepared! She taught me about the combinations of flavors, how simple but fresh ingredients can create the best dishes and I believe it is due to her that my tongue was trained early on and with time I develop a special sensitivity for aromas and flavors.

With a  Tourism Degree in hand, I decided to move out from Venezuela and pursue a career in the United States. My professional focus moved towards specializing in gastronomic tourism. After completing an Associates Degree in Restaurant and Catering Management at the Art Institute of Houston I started working in the restaurant business. It was there where I received my first introduction to the world of wine. At first, I was a complete blank page, never really having had much contact with this beverage produced from fermented grapes. I did not understand why people said that a wine smelled like peach or butter and for me the only difference was if it was white, rosé or red. But as I dove deeper into this world of aromas and experiences the thought of pursuing a career in the wine industry grew on me.

I moved from Houston to Barcelona in 2014 and took the chance to change my career and enrolled to a Sommelier studying program shortly after I arrived. Since that day the fun began. I discovered a new world filled with culture, aromas and flavors which have motivated me to discover wine regions, meet producers and learn by tasting. Lately, it has even shown me that I had a passion for writing.

Gaby Meets Wine started in 2015 as a personal Instagram account to share my wine experiences. I quickly found out that it was a great method to learn and exchange valuable knowledge with people from around the world. In order to share not only pictures but also stories about wines and their regions, people and food Gaby meets wine is now a blog! This is a new project for me that will showcase my interests and experiences as a young Sommelier.

I hope you have fun reading through my stories and please do get back to me to start a conversation! Also, follow me for more pictures and information as gabymeetswine on Instagram & Twitter!

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