Château Climens

Château Climens is located in the village of Barsac, at the left bank of the Garonne river and north of the Ciron tributary.  It is part of the Sauternes-Barsac appellation,  classified as a Premier Cru in the 1855 Bordeaux classification. This winery is known for producing noble rot sweet wines from the Sémillon grape variety, grown using a biodynamic viticulture since 2010. EcoCert officially certified the Château as biodynamic in 2014.

Today, I want to share my tasting notes of Château Climens 1er Cru 2003 and Cyprès de Climens 2009 with you!!

2003 | Château Climens 1er Cru, BarsacIMG_0095Fermentation and maturation take place inside French oak barrels with a percentage of new oak that varies each year and depends on the characteristics of the vintage (generally between 30 to 40%). The wine is aged for approximately 20 to 24 months and the final blend is made with only the best barrels.

The pronounced aromas of this wine are fascinating! It is a combination of dried apricots, mango, grapefruit, candied orange peel, honey and hints of vanilla. On the palate it’s lusciously sweet and has a sharp acidity, dense and rich body, great concentration and long lasting aftertaste.

Price: 90€-130€ per 750 ml

2009 | Cyprès de Climens, BarsacIMG_0096

Like 2003, 2009 had a hot and dry summer that finished with ideal humid conditions. Botrytis developed well and the resulting wines are complex, expressive and rich.

Cyprès de Climens is the second wine of the winery and is made with the grapes from the second selection of the year, using the same winemaking process as the one used for the 1er Cru but with a final blend made from the barrels that were not chosen to be part of the Grand Vin.

This wine has pronounced aromas of dried apricots, mango, chamomile, elderflower and honey. On the palate the acidity is medium-high and it has a lighter body than the 1er Cru. Nevertheless, it still is a concentrated and delicious wine…especially if we consider that the 750 ml bottle only costs around 45 €. Great quality price!

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