Recipe & Pairing | Summer Salmon Burgers

I moved to Germany just at the end of summer of last year and I remember that one of the first things I did to organize myself was to make a suitcase with the “never going to use” summer clothes. I was very pessimistic about spending winter in Germany because, you see, I come from a country where winter does not exit; freezing temperatures and me don’t get along very well.

Against my strong beliefs summer also happens in Germany and these past couple of weeks have been very hot in Karlsruhe. I finally had to unpack the “never going to use” suitcase and I can say that now I feel more in my atmosphere.

As days get hotter life in Germany becomes more comfortable and one of the highlights is the fact that, everyday, I am surrounded by countless of options of delicious, cold and refreshing beers. Germans go crazy with hot temperatures – I completely relate to them – and they try to be outside as much as they can. The best way to enjoy a glass of beer during summer is at open-air terraces called “Biergarten”, where friends and colleagues get together to enjoy some sunny happiness after work. Nevertheless, options to buy beer in Germany are countless and I am lucky to have in Karlsruhe a very nice craft beer shop just around the corner for those days when I want to buy a couple of beers, cook a nice dish and enjoy a weekend afternoon at home.

Long gone are the days of sauerkraut and sausage cravings. After seeing a good-looking salmon at the supermarket I decided to make burgers with a summer twist. On the way back home I stopped at Oxford Store, my neighborhood beer shop, and bought two beers to pair with the Salmon Burgers that I had in mind. It ended up being a simple and quick recipe full with summer flavors that paired very well with the two Pale Ale beers that I bought. If you want to try the recipe you just need to have the following ingredients at hand and follow these easy steps.

Summer Salmon Burgers-3

To make the burgers, cut the salmon in very small pieces, put inside a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix with your hand until everything is well combined, divide the mixture in 4 portions and form the burger patties.

For the radish cream, put the grated radishes in a colander and press with your hand until most of the water is gone. Put in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. Mix until everything is properly integrated.

The sweet & sour cucumbers are my favorite part of this recipe! I usually have a jar of them inside the fridge since they keep well for up to a month. To make the sweet & sour cucumbers start by slicing the cucumbers very thinly. If you have a mandolin it can be of great help here, if not, just use a sharp knife. Put the cucumber slices inside a colander, sprinkle with salt and let them rest for an hour. By doing this the cucumbers release the majority of their water content becoming crunchier and more delicious. Put the slices inside a jar or a bowl and add the remaining ingredients. I suggest making them at least a day in advance so that the cucumbers have time to macerate and all the flavors get integrated. For the burger that I made I used a veggie sharpener and instead of using cucumber slices I used cucumber strings. They both taste delicious, so it is up to you!

This burger wouldn’t be complete without the lemon & garlic mayo. If you make fries to accompany the burger be sure to make some extra sauce to dip them inside!

The lemon juice highlights the flavor of the salmon and gives the burger a summer feel. The garlic… well, everything tastes better with garlic! To make this sauce just mix all the ingredients together; if you feel creative, make the mayonnaise from scratch (it tastes even better), but I was very hungry when I made it, so I decided to do it with store bought mayo.

I’ve been experimenting with some recipes for burger buns and I made the one on the picture. However, I still haven’t found a recipe that I like and that’s why I didn’t write one here. Since this blog is about sharing, perhaps you have a nice bun recipe for me to try? 🙂

No burger is complete without a beer. I am not a beer expert (my area is wine) but living in Germany has allowed me to taste and learn more about the hoppy world. For this Summer Salmon Burgers I decided to pair them with two Pale Ales from a craft beer producer in Bavaria called And Union. They work with different small Bavarian family-owned breweries and have been producing a range of lagers and ales since 2007. Outside of Germany their beers can be found in the UK, Ireland, the Baltic Estates, Serbia and South Africa.

Here are my reviews of the beers I tasted and some basic information about what Pale Ales are.


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did and I look forward to reading your feedback!

And Union Craft Beer

Instagram: @andunion








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