When in Barcelona…

Barcelona is a captivating city filled with modernism and good vibes. It is very easy to fall in love while walking through its streets, admiring its architecture, indulging yourself with its gastronomy and, of course, drinking excellent wine.

Wine culture can be perceived in every corner of this city and numerous are the establishments destined to please the taste buds of locals and many visitors – especially those who, besides exploring the streets and landmarks of Barcelona, want to discover the expression of this land through the wines produced in it.

Although there are many wine bars to be found in Barcelona, some of them really stand out thanks to their large selection of local and international wines, their food and the overall experience offered to the guests. Today I share a list with some of my favorite wine bars, hoping that it will give you another great excuse to visit this breathtaking city.


With more than three thousand references on menu, Monvínic is without a doubt the temple of wine in Barcelona. Although they have a great offer of Spanish wines, their international selection is remarkable, including well-known and traditional producers but also small wineries working with biodynamic methods, sustainable agriculture and natural vinifications. Every day, around thirty wines are offered by the glass, allowing their customers to taste many regions, styles and producers and to experience great pairings with the delightful dishes from their menu. They work with products of proximity and a kitchen that respects the nature of the ingredients.

Monvínic is more than a restaurant offering good wines, it is a complete experience guided by a very friendly staff and some of the best Sommeliers in Barcelona; take this opportunity to let them guide you through this gastronomic experience with ultimate food and wine pairing suggestions.


Can Cisa / Brutal bar

Bar Brutal is located in one of the oldest and most charming neighborhoods in Barcelona, “El Born”. It is the meeting point for those passionate about natural wines. Here you will find more than three hundred national and international references of the so-called artisanal wines, or, as they call them, free wines, referring to the fact that they are wines free from sulphites.

Its gastronomic offer has a mixture of Spanish and Italian flavors and their dishes are made with top quality ingredients.

This is a must stop if you are interested in natural wines and it is an ideal place to finish the day enjoying the uniqueness of this style of wines, accompanied, for example, by a delicious selection of local cheeses and charcuterie.

Bar Brutal

La Volàtil

Combining traditional Catalan cuisine with artisanal beers and a good wine list of organic, biodynamic and natural wines, La Volàtil is a great place to start the evening, enjoy a good glass of wine and delicious tapas. They organize many events with live music to add even more charm to your evening.

La Volàtil

Els Sortidors del Parlament

Here the tables are barrels, the wine list comes in a wine bottle and the atmosphere is always fun. Located in Sant Antoni, the trendy neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​Els Sortidors del Parlament is perfect for when you want to enjoy great food and wines without spending too much money. The wines are sold at store prices and for uncorking they only charge four Euros. Besides wine they also offer craft beers and delicious vermouth. Their offer is based on classic tapas, including tasty local charcuterie, cheeses and seafood conserves. This place is always busy, so it would be wise to make a reservation.

Els Sortidors

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