Lemon Limoncello!

In the north of Italy, in the city of Robbio, Maria Antonietta and Roberto are creating a unique limoncello that brings the southern italian flair to the north and around the World.

Roberto makes this limoncello between April and July, the period during which he can get the best quality of ingredients. He uses perfectly ripened lemons from Sorrento, which have their very own Denomination of Origin: Limone Ovale di Sorrento IGP. He washes the lemons with water and dries them one by one with lots of care to prevent the essential oils from from oxidizing. He then peels the lemons by hand and macerates these thin yellow ribbons inside a grain-based alcohol.

After the maceration process is over he dilutes the alcohol with water from the Panna springs, ads beet sugar and a few leaves from a plant that grows in his father’s garden. Everything about this limoncello reflects care and love. It is made with the best ingredients in a very artisanal way and you can really taste that. The first thing that you notice is the natural tone of its color, which is a pale yellow, nothing compared to the radioactive yellow tones that you find in many commercial brands. Once you taste it, it’s like biting into a fresh lemon but instead of getting a sour and bitter taste you feel the right amount of sweetness with a very well integrated alcohol.

The 2017 batch produced 1090 bottles, all carefully designed with a style that I really like. The shape of the bottle is nicely designed and gives the user a feeling of quality. The bottle contains not only the delicious limoncello but also the peels of the lemons. Yes, you read that right, every bottle comes with peels inside to offer you an extra layer of taste.

I just heard that Roberto is in the process of making a fresh batch and you can reserve yours by contacting him through: http://lemonlimoncello.it/en/ Also, follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lemonlimoncello/


3 thoughts on “Lemon Limoncello!”

  1. Licor no muy dulce. El detalle de la concha del limón macerado deja un sabor en boca fresco y especial.


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